This month's issue of the vice magazine has interview with Amen Orchestra and some other crazy russian stuff.

Amen Orchastra '17 waves' is available on Electrosputnik and SisterRay.

Read this or this reviews of the new album by Amen Orchestra. More reviews in Q, Uncut, Future Music, iDJ, Vice and other magazines.

Amen Orchestra featured in the recent `One World Jukebox' radio show on BBC radio 1.

In 2005, we have signed two new artists:
Math Geek and Amen Orchestra


Solar X will appear live a these events:
20/05/2006 Rock Paper Scissor Berlin, Germany
2/06/2006 The Masque, Liverpool, England
24/06/2006 A festival at some NATO airbase in Suffolk, England
1/07/2006 A rave somewhere in Pyrenees mountains, France

Our photo report about the A\\Rt-tE|<-0-tRO|N party at Kazantip festival, Crimea, 2004.

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new release:

ART016CD "17 waves" - debut album by Amen Orchestra will be released in January, 2006. Click here for preview.

ART015CD - debut album by MAT|-| GEEk coming soon...